PAA 2014 was on Twitter as @paa2014 with hashtag #paa2014

Almost 2,200 participants attended the 2014 Annual Meeting in Boston, MA. This website hosts the complete scientific program of the meeting. Use the navigation bar to access the program by topic, by day and time, or by participant.

The co-chairs of the 2014 Program Organizing Committee were Robert Moffitt, PAA President, and Nancy Landale, PAA Vice President. Members of the Program Committee are listed below.

Robert Moffitt
PAA President

Nancy Landale
PAA Vice President

  • Emily Agree, Johns Hopkins University
  • Nan Astone, Urban Institute
  • Stan Becker, Johns Hopkins University
  • David Bishai, Johns Hopkins University
  • Vladimir Canudas-Romo, Johns Hopkins University
  • John Casterline, Ohio State University
  • Jacinda Dariotis, Johns Hopkins University
  • Gordon De Jong, Pennsylvania State University
  • Glenn Firebaugh, Pennsylvania State University
  • Michelle Frisco, Pennsylvania State University
  • Steven Haas, Pennsylvania State University
  • Lingxin Hao, Johns Hopkins University
  • Melissa Hardy, Pennsylvania State University
  • Mark Hayward, University of Texas
  • Michelle Hindin, Johns Hopkins University
  • M.E. Hughes, Johns Hopkins University
  • Valarie King, Pennsylvania State University
  • Ellen Kramarow, Centers for Disease Control
  • Barry Lee, Pennsylvania State University
  • Wendy Manning, Bowling Green State University
  • Molly Martin, Pennsylvania State University
  • Stephen Matthews, Pennsylvania State University
  • Signe-Mary McKernan, Urban Institute
  • Caroline Moreau, Johns Hopkins University
  • R.S. (Sal) Oropesa, Pennsylvania State University
  • Chris Seplaki, University of Rochester 
  • Kevin Thomas, Pennsylvania State University
  • Stephen Tordella, Decision Demographics
  • Amy Tsui, Johns Hopkins University
  • Jennifer Van Hook, Pennsylvania State University
  • Kathryn Yount, Emory University

September 27, 2013 . Deadline for submitting papers or abstracts to organizers

October 4, 2013 . Deadline for submitting travel award applications to PAA

November 11, 2013 . Authors are notified of papers accepted in standard sessions or forwarded for possible inclusion in overflow or poster sessions

December 20, 2013 . Authors are notified of papers accepted into overflow or poster sessions

February 17, 2014 . Deadline for making online revisions to abstracts of accepted papers

March 24, 2014 . Deadline for posting completed papers on the program website