Topics and Sessions

1. Fertility, Family Planning, Sexual Behavior, and Reproductive Health35
1. Couple and Relationship Influences on Contraceptive Use 11. Sexual Behavior, Contraceptive Use, and HIV 12. Policy and Intervention Effects on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health 22. Strengthening Reproductive Health Programs in Developing Countries 23. Fertility Transitions 32. Partnerships and Fertility 39. Family Planning and Fertility: Policy and Practice 40. Low Fertility 51. New Insights into the Determinants of Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health 58. Social Disparities in Contraceptive Use Patterns 65. Migration and Reproductive Behavior 69. Fertility Intentions: High and Low Fertility Countries 77. Sexuality and Gender issues 82. Fertility Intentions: Measurement and Meaning 87. Son Preference and Sex Selection 96. Fertility Transitions in Sub-Saharan Africa I 107. Gender and Health 108. Abortion 114. Fertility and the Demographic Dividend 125. Sex, Fertility, and Well-Being 144. Timing of Fertility 145. Methodological Perspectives on Contraceptive Use Analysis 146. Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health 152. Men's Sexual and Reproductive Health 164. Couples' Fertility in Europe and Canada 165. Infertility and Childlessness 171. Contraceptive Use 182. STD, HIV, Fertility, and Family Planning 183. Fertility Intentions and Influences Upon 194. Determinants of Birth Timing 201. Sexual Behavior, Risk, and Networks 204. Biodemography of Reproduction 209. Fertility Transitions in Sub-Saharan Africa II 215. Reproductive and Sexual Health Policy and Politics 217. Happiness, Parenting, and Childbearing
2. Marriage, Family, Households, and Unions29 3. Children and Youth19 4. Health and Mortality44
2. Maternal, Infant, and Child Health and Mortality 9. Health Behaviors, Health, and Mortality 16. Life Course Influences on Health and Mortality in International Perspective 17. Social Disparities in Health and Mortality in Developing Countries 25. Forecasting USA Mortality: Methods and New Findings 31. Determinants and Consequences of Obesity and Weight Gain in International Contexts 34. Life Course Perspectives on Families and Health 35. Smoking, Obesity, and Exercise 44. Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health and Mortality 46. Life Course Approaches to Health and Mortality 50. Health and Mortality in Developing Countries 54. Causal Approaches to Health and Health Behaviors 63. Gender Disparities in Health and Mortality 71. SES, Health, and Mortality 72. Current Mortality and Demographic Transition in Developing Countries 74. Education, Health, and Mortality: Pathways and Mechanisms. 80. Models for Mortality Analysis 83. Effects of Fetal and Childhood Conditions on Adult Health Outcomes 91. Healthcare Access, Insurance, and Delivery 92. Gender, Marital Status, and Health 93. Health and Mortality Effects of Macro Social, Economic, and Technological Change 95. The Demography of Health Reform in the United States 102. How Policy Influences Health and Mortality in Developed and Developing Contexts 104. Advances in Methods for Forecasting Mortality 110. AIDS in the Era of ART 111. Mortality Trends and Differentials I 128. Understanding Old-Age Mortality 129. Mortality Trends and Differentials II 130. The Health of Children of Immigrants 134. Biodemography, Health, and Mortality 136. Health Insurance, Health Care Use, and Health 141. Effects of Policies and Programs and Events on Infant Mortality and Birth Outcomes 150. Neighborhood, School, and Community Influences on Child and Adolescent Health 161. Family Influences on Health and Mortality 163. HIV-AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases 169. Maternal and Adult Mortality in Developing Countries 170. The Health of Sexual Minorities 186. Contextual Approaches to Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities 205. Obesity in Different Demographic Contexts 206. Place Effects and Health: Methodological Innovations and New Findings 208. Demographic Processes and Mental Health 222. Parental Characteristics on Child Health and Behavioral Outcomes 225. Education, Health, and Mortality: Causality Issues 227. Health Disparities in India
5. Gender, Race, and Ethnicity9 6. Migration and Urbanization18 7. Economy, Labor Force, Education, and Inequality24 8. Population, Development, and the Environment13 9. Population and Aging14 10. Data and Methods16 11. Applied Demography/Other Topics6 13. Poster Sessions9