Friday, May 2 / 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM   •   Back Bay Exhibition Center

Poster Session 6:
Population Aging; Gender, Race and Ethnicity

  1. Domestic and Marital Violence among Three Ethnic Groups in NigeriaEric Tenkorang, Memorial University ; Collins Nwabunike, Memorial University ; Pearl Sedziafa, Memorial University

  2. Recent Changes in Work Force Participation among Elderly in India: Evidence from National Sample Survey DataAntara Dhar, University of Calcutta ; Mousumi Dutta, Presidency University

  3. Long-Term Care in Germany: Future Demand for Formal Providers and the Role of Informal CaregiversCarsten Pohl, Institute for Employment Research (IAB)

  4. Employment Trajectories beyond Retirement in Modern SocietiesDaniela E. Hochfellner, Institute for Employment Research (IAB) ; Carola Burkert, Institute for Employment Research (IAB)

  5. Empowerment, Partner’s Behaviours and Intimate Partner Physical Violence among Married Women in UgandaBetty Kwagala, Makerere University ; Stephen Ojiambo Wandera, Makerere University ; Patricia Ndugga, Makerere University ; Allen Kabagenyi, Makerere University

  6. Social Networks among Older Persons in Rural Uttar Pradesh, IndiaLucky Singh, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

  7. Reality behind Declining Child Sex Ratio in Kashmir-IndiaBashir A. Bhat, University of Kashmir

  8. Obesity and Expenditure on Health: A Comparison among Normal Weight, Overweight, Obese, and Medically Obese Women in IndiaPraween Kumar Agrawal, Population Council

  9. Medical Out of Pocket Expenditures and Poverty: A Cross-Country AnalysisAlice Zulkarnain, CUNY Institute for Demographic Research (CIDR) and Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY)

  10. Rate of Ageing of the Chinese Oldest-Old and Its DeterminantsKuangshi Huang, China Population and Development Research Center ; Zhuo Chen, China Population and Development Research Center ; Xuying Zhang, China Population and Development Research Center ; Jiehua Lu, Beijing University ; Kirk A. Scott, Lund University

  11. Increases in Blood Glucose in Older Adults: The Effects of Spousal HealthChioun Lee, Princeton University ; Germán Rodríguez, Princeton University ; Dana A. Glei, Georgetown University ; Maxine Weinstein, Georgetown University ; Noreen Goldman, Princeton University

  12. Cross National Comparison of Underestimation of Chronic Conditions in Surveys of Older Adults in the Developing WorldMary McEniry, University of Michigan ; Jacob McDermott, University of Michigan

  13. Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder? Residential Proximity, Migration, and Intergenerational Exchanges in RomaniaBoroka Bo, University of California, Berkeley ; Codrina Rada, University of Utah

  14. How the Household Structure Will Change in Aging Post-Communist Countries in the Future Decades? Case Study for the Czech RepublicPavlína Habartová, Charles University in Prague ; Klara Hulikova Tesarkova, Charles University in Prague ; Olga Sivkova, Charles University in Prague

  15. Parity and Mortality amongst Biological and Adoptive Parents in Contemporary SwedenKieron Barclay, Stockholm University

  16. Impact of Migration on Population Aging in Malaysia: Evidence from South-East Asian Community Observatory (SEACO)Nowrozy K. Jahan, Monash University ; Ireneous Soyiri, Monash University ; Arunachalam Dharmalingam, Monash University ; Pascale Allotey , Monash University ; Daniel Reidpath, Monash University

  17. Women’s Autonomy in Northern and Southern Ghana: Does Religion Matter?Kamil Fuseini, North-West University, South Africa ; Ishmael Kalule-Sabiti, North-West University, South Africa

  18. An Examination of Medical Expenses and Retirement Income for the 65+ Population Using the Supplemental Poverty MeasureKathleen S. Short, U.S. Census Bureau ; Judith Eargle, U.S. Census Bureau

  19. Fertility History and Post-Reproductive Longevity in a Long-Living Population: Villagrande (1830-2013)Michel Poulain, Tallinn University and Université Catholique de Louvain ; Dany Chambre, Independent Researcher ; Gianni Pes, Università degli Studi di Sassari

  20. Older Rural Counties, Social Participation, and Elderly Self-Rated HealthEric M. Vogelsang, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  21. Causes and Consequences of Racial Disparities in SwimmingAna Cuesta, University of Minnesota ; Samuel Myers Jr, University of Minnesota

  22. Socioeconomic Status and Mortality in Moscow: A Role for Biomarkers?Megan Todd, Princeton University

  23. Decomposing and Recomposing the Population Pyramid by Remaining Years of LifeTimothy L. M. Riffe, University of California, Berkeley ; Jeroen J. A. Spijker, University of Edinburgh ; John MacInnes, University of Edinburgh

  24. Determinants of Social Activities among Older People in China: An Analysis of Community FactorsPei-Chun Ko, University of Cologne

  25. Self-Rated Health and Mortality among the Elderly in Matlab, BangladeshNobuko Mizoguchi, University of Colorado at Boulder

  26. The Long-Arm of Adolescent Weight Status on Later Life Depressive SymptomsMelissa L. Martinson, University of Washington ; Sarinnapha Vasunilashorn, Harvard University

  27. The Role of Polygamous Unions on Experience of Intimate Partner Emotional Violence in UgandaNick Thomas, Tulane University

  28. Chronic Diseases in Ghana and Their Contribution to Disabilities among the ElderlyOlutobi A. Sanuade, University of Ghana ; Charles Agyemang, University of Amsterdam ; Kwadwo Koram, University of Ghana

  29. The Impact of Adult Children’s Out-Migration on the Elders’ Psychological Well-Being in Rural China: Does Gender Matter?Lu Song, Soochow University ; Merril Silverstein, Syracuse University ; Shuzhuo Li, Xi'an Jiaotong University

  30. Time Use and Health among Caregivers of Middle-Aged and Older AdultsI-Fen Lin, Bowling Green State University ; Anna M. Hammersmith, Bowling Green State University

  31. Who Will Support the Older Persons? Changing Economic Lifecycle Reallocation in an Asian EconomyAn-Chi Tung, Academia Sinica ; Mun Sim Lai, United Nations Population Division

  32. Is Acculturation Responsible for the Weak Education Gradient in Health for Asian Immigrant Adults in the United States?Ying-Ting Wang, University of Texas at Austin

  33. Estimating the U.S. Transgender Population: Evidence from Federal Administrative RecordsBenjamin C. Harris, U.S. Census Bureau

  34. Similar Others in Same-Sex Couples' Social NetworksAllen J. LeBlanc, San Francisco State University ; David Frost, Columbia University ; Jose Bauermeister, University of Michigan ; Brian de Vries, San Francisco State University ; Eli Alston-Stepnitz, San Francisco State University

  35. Centenarian Overestimation: Using Vital Statistics to Evaluate Centenarians Enumerated in Recent Canadian Census and to Produce Accurate EstimatesAndre Lebel, Statistics Canada ; Harry Francois, Statistics Canada

  36. Socioeconomic Differences in Disability by Age in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Cross-National Study Using the World Health SurveyYentéma Onadja, Université de Montréal ; Simona Bignami, Université de Montréal ; Maria-Victoria Zunzunegui, Université de Montréal

  37. Impact of Migration on Aging: A Case Study of Shihezi City, ChinaYun Zhou, Peking University

  38. Projection of ADL-Based Disability among Older Singaporeans: Comparing Numbers Based on Prevalence and on Incidence with and without Educational AttainmentJohn P. Ansah, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore ; Rahul Malhotra, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore ; David Matchar, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore ; Mary Ann Bautista, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore

  39. Income Gradient in Obesity among U.S. Adults: Variations by Race and Ethnicity, Gender, and Birthplace across Birth CohortsJongho Heo, San Diego State University ; Shih-Fan Lin, San Diego State University ; Audrey N. Beck, San Diego State University ; Brian K. Finch, RAND Corporation

  40. Inter-Individual Variation in Lifetime Accumulation of Income, Consumption, and Transfers in Aging CountriesFanny Kluge, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

  41. Community Development and Late-Life Cognitive Functioning Decline in Taiwan: The Role of National Health InsuranceChi Chiao, National Yang Ming University

  42. Immigrant Occupational Attainment in Japan and Its Determinants; Is It a “Structured Settlement”?Yu Korekawa, National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, Tokyo

  43. The Responsiveness of Health Institutions for Elderly: A Comparative Study of India and ChinaTulika Tripathi, Central University of Gujarat

  44. Economic Hardship Related Stress and Health of Chinese ElderlyDhiman Das, National University of Singapore

  45. Being Single Again? Asset and Portfolio Reshuffling (Due to Shock)Eva M. Sierminska, CEPS/INSTEAD, Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) and German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) ; Maria Cristina Rossi, University of Turin

  46. The Influence of Aging on the Allocation of Life Years: An Interspecies ComparisonMarcus Ebeling, University of Rostock and Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research ; Annette Baudisch, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

  47. Race/Ethnicity and Nativity Differentials in New Measures of Disability and Functioning for Older AdultsJennifer E. Melvin, University of Texas at Austin

  48. Quality of Life and Self-Related Health among Adults Aged 60 and Older in Ten Major World MetropolisesJ. Scott Brown, Miami University ; Xi Pan, Miami University ; Jasleen Chahal, Miami University ; Anthony Bardo, Miami University ; Scott M. Lynch, Princeton University

  49. Economic Crisis and Old Age Employment in EuropeHafize Pinar Koksel, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

  50. Older Immigrants and Health Insurance: Differences by Region of Origin in Patterns and Sources of CoverageAdriana M. Reyes, Pennsylvania State University ; Melissa Hardy, Pennsylvania State University

  51. The Asian Population in the United States: 1980 To 2010Bashiruddin Ahmed, U.S. Census Bureau ; Stella U. Ogunwole, U.S. Census Bureau

  52. Elderly Well-Being in Northern Thailand: Does Migration of Children Matter?Amanda L. Flaim, Cornell University ; Lindy Williams, Cornell University

  53. Fear and Insecurity among Older People: Determinants and Potentials Consequences: Evidence from the WHO SAGE SurveyPeter Lloyd-Sherlock, University of East Anglia ; Sutapa Agrawal, South Asia Network for Chronic Disease

  54. Women's Empowerment and Autonomy: Do They Promote Help Seeking for Spousal Violence in India? Findings from a National SurveyKathleen Rowan, University of Minnesota

  55. Profile of Old Age Pensioners and Non-Pensioners: Evidence from Rural South AfricaEnid Schatz, University of Missouri, Columbia ; Margaret L. Ralston, University of Missouri, Columbia ; Jane Menken, University of Colorado at Boulder ; Xavier Gómez-Olivé, University of the Witwatersrand ; Stephen Tollman, University of the Witwatersrand

  56. Internal Migration, Elderly Care, and Mortality in ChinaZhenhua Xu, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  57. Race, Place, and Immigration Enforcement: Do Local Police Characteristics Matter? Findings from the Secure Communities ProgramEllen Dinsmore, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  58. Racial Differences in Life Expectancy with Cognitive Impairment among the Elderly in the United StatesZhenmei Zhang, Michigan State University ; Chi-Tsun Chiu, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore ; Yan-Liang Yu, Michigan State University

  59. Major Declines in Severe Cognitive Impairment in the U.S. Elderly Population: New Estimates from the 1984 and 2004 National Long Term Care SurveyEric Stallard, Duke University

  60. Competing Demands: Financially Dependent Children and Parental Retirement ExpectationsJoanna Kling, University of Maryland ; Joan R. Kahn, University of Maryland

  61. Schoolmate Context in Early Adolescence and the Educational Attainment of African American MalesCheryl Roberts, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  62. Racial-Ethnic Diversity and Socioeconomic Prosperity in U.S. CountiesLuke Rogers, University of New Hampshire ; Andrew Schaefer, University of New Hampshire ; Justin R. Young, University of New Hampshire

  63. Physical Activity and Health among Older Adults in India: Results of a Study on Global Ageing and Adult Health Sub-Study Using AccelerometryJames J. Snodgrass, University of Oregon ; Tara J. Cepon, University of Oregon ; Arvind Mathur, Dr SN Medical College, India ; Paul Kowal, World Health Organization (WHO)

  64. Ageing and Retirement Security: United States, Mexico and Mexican AmericansJorge H. Bravo, United Nations ; Mun Sim Lai, United Nations Population Division ; Gretchen Donehower, University of California, Berkeley ; Iván Mejía-Guevara, Harvard University

  65. Employment and Household Income Dynamics among the Elderly in Russia, 2000-2012: Insights from Longitudinal DataTheodore P. Gerber, University of Wisconsin-Madison ; Jonas Radl, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)

  66. Associations between Sleep Duration, Sleep Quality, and Cognitive Performance among Older Adults from Six Middle Income Countries: Results from the Study on Global AGEing and Adult Health (SAGE)Theresa E. Gildner, University of Oregon ; Melissa A. Liebert, University of Oregon ; Somnath Chatterji, World Health Organization (WHO)

  67. Experienced Life Cycle Satisfaction in EuropeRobson Morgan, University of Southern California

  68. Determinants of Nursing Home Discharge and Post-Discharge Living Arrangements: Differences by Gender and Duration of StayStipica Mudrazija, University of Texas at Austin ; Mieke B. Thomeer, University of Texas at Austin

  69. Ethnic Differentials in Risks of Childhood Anemia: Evidence from DHS NepalYashas Vaidya, Brown University

  70. “The Provider”: The Effects of Economic Inequalities on Self-Efficacy and Sexual Decision Making among MSMCasey D. Hall, Emory University ; Karen L. Andes, Emory University

  71. Is the Mexican Youth an Agent of Change? An Analysis of Gender and the Heterogeneity of Time Use Patterns of Mexicans 15 to 29 Years OldEstela Rivero Fuentes, El Colegio de México ; Carla Pederzini, Universidad Iberoamericana

  72. Understanding How Multi-Racial Families in Brazil Classify Their ChildrenEric E. Borja, University of Texas at Austin

  73. Loosening Boundary, Persisting Hierarchy, and the Changing Color Line: Minority-Minority Intermarriage in the Contemporary United StatesYun Zhou, Harvard University

  74. Household Decision Marking under the New Rural Pension Scheme in China: A Regression Discontinuity DesignXi Chen, Yale University

  75. Gender-Based Violence and Modern Contraceptive Use in the Democratic Republic of Congo: The Influence of Community-Level FactorsRachel Kidman, Stony Brook University, State University of New York (SUNY) ; Tia Palermo, Stony Brook University, State University of New York (SUNY) ; Jane Bertrand, Tulane University

  76. The Health of Parental Caregivers in GhanaLatrica E. Best, University of Louisville