Thursday, May 1 / 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM   •   Back Bay Exhibition Center

Poster Session 3:
Health of Women, Children, and Families

  1. Effects of Maternal Depression on Family Food InsecurityNancy E. Reichman, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School ; Hope Corman, Rider University and National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) ; Kelly Noonan, Rider University and National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

  2. The Relationship between Women's Empowerment and Antenatal Health Care in EgyptDina Armanious, Cairo University ; Hassan H. M. Zaky, American University in Cairo ; Mohamed Hussein, South Valley University

  3. Gender Differences in Factors Associated with Depressive Symptoms among Couples in Kumasi, GhanaStephanie R. Psaki, Population Council ; Denis Yar, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology ; Easmon Otupiri, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology ; Michelle J. Hindin, Johns Hopkins University

  4. Obesity and Its Association with Reproductive Outcomes among Women in IndiaJitendra Gouda, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS) ; Chander Shekhar, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

  5. How Does Women's Mobility Affect Their Engagement and Retention in HIV Care and Treatment Programs in Kenya? An Exploratory StudyCarol S. Camlin, University of California, San Francisco

  6. Poverty and Sexual Morbidity among Rural Women in Nigeria in an Era of HIV/AIDSTolulope M. Ola, Ekiti State University ; Olalekan Adeyemi, Sound Health Development Initiative ; Oluwagemiga Oyinlola, Sound Health Development Initiative ; Temitope Olorunsebi, Sound Health Development Initiative

  7. Effects of Primary Child Care Arrangement on Asthma in Preschool-Aged Children Dependent on Poverty StatusDanielle Gordon, University of Texas at San Antonio ; P. Johnelle Sparks, University of Texas at San Antonio

  8. Gender Differences in Depression across Parental RolesKevin Shafer, Brigham Young University ; Garrett Pace, Brigham Young University

  9. Gender Differences on Smoking Behavior and Perception on Smoking: Evidence from a Longitudinal Survey of ITC-ThailandAree Jampaklay, Mahidol University

  10. Determinants of Overweight and Obesity among Bangladeshi Diabetic Women of Reproductive AgeJesmin Akter, Bangladesh University of Health Sciences (BUHS) ; Kazi Rumana Ahmed, Bangladesh University of Health Sciences (BUHS) ; Liaquat Ali, Bangladesh University of Health Sciences (BUHS)

  11. Community Well-Being and Infant Mortality in a Demographically Backward State in IndiaBarsharani Maharana, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

  12. Policy Implication of Non-Utilization of Health Care Services for Maternal Mortality in NigeriaOlasupo P. Ogunjuyigbe, Obafemi Awolowo University ; Ambrose Akinlo, Obafemi Awolowo University

  13. The Effects of Pregnancy Wantedness and Depressive Symptoms during Pregnancy on Low Birth Weight at Term: Evidence from a Prospective Study in Southwestern EthiopiaYohannes Dibaba Wado, Jimma University ; Mesganaw F. Afework, Addis Ababa University

  14. Lost at the Starting Line? Disparities in Immigrant Women's Birth Outcomes and the Health Status of Their U.S. Citizen Children over TimeLanlan Xu, Indiana University

  15. Impact of Public Insurance Expansion on Medical Care Utilization of ChildrenJunghyun Kwon, Boston College

  16. Impact of Schooling on Childhood ObesityChaeyoung Chang, Indiana University, Bloomington ; Haeil Jung, Indiana University, Bloomington

  17. Parental Absence, Family Instability, and Child Mortality in TanzaniaLauren Gaydosh, Princeton University

  18. Reasons for and Barriers to Obtaining Insurance among U.S. Children: The Role of Generation StatusRhonda BeLue, Pennsylvania State University ; Patricia Y. Miranda, Pennsylvania State University ; Bilikisu Elewonibi, Pennsylvania State University ; Marianne M. Hillemeier, Pennsylvania State University

  19. Does Religious Identity Matter for Child Health? Sex Differentials in Child Health among Hindus and Muslims in IndiaAbhijit Visaria, University of Pennsylvania

  20. An Examination of Static and Dynamic Aspects of Uninsurance in TexasXiuhong You, University of Texas at San Antonio ; Lloyd Potter, University of Texas at San Antonio ; Steve White, University of Texas at San Antonio

  21. Sub-Saharan Africa’s Progress towards MDGs 4 and 5: Do Changes in Coverage of Maternal and Child Health Interventions Enlarge or Lessen the Equity Gap?Jean Christophe Fotso, Concern Worldwide U.S., Inc. ; Ariel Higgins-Steele, Concern Worldwide U.S., Inc.

  22. Determinants of Nepali Women’s Health Behavior Preferences and Decisions: Evaluating the Effect of a Cash Incentive ProgramJaehyun Nam, Columbia University ; David Ansong, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; Shanta Pandey, Washington University in St. Louis

  23. Is India’s Child Malnutrition Caused by Hunger?Sonalde B. Desai, University of Maryland ; Amit Thorat, National Council of Applied Economic Research ; Kriti Vikram, University of Maryland

  24. Measurement and Estimation of Nutritional Deficit among Children in Developing Countries: An Extension of Mora’s Method Using Skew Normal DistributionTapan Kumar Chakrabarty, North-Eastern Hill University

  25. Social Inequalities in Vaccination among Children Aged 0-5 in Madagascar: The Role of Parental SESSean A. P. Clouston, Stony Brook University, State University of New York (SUNY)

  26. Role of Community on Overweight and Obese Trajectories during Early ChildhoodHyojun Park, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  27. Does Maternal Health Voucher Scheme Have an Impact on Out-of-Pocket Expenditure and Utilization of Delivery Care Services in Rural Bangladesh?Forhana Noor, Population Council ; Ubaidur Rob, Population Council

  28. The Hassle of Wellness: Do Peers and Health Status Matter?Shooshan Danagoulian, Cornell University

  29. Sexual Risks of Central Asian Migrant Women in the Context of the Russian HIV EpidemicVictor Agadjanian, Arizona State University ; Natalya Zotova, Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russia

  30. Substance Use and Depressive Symptoms Are Mediators of Foregone Medical Care among Female Sexual Minorities in the U.S.Shoshana K. Goldberg, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; Amy H. Herring, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; Carolyn Tucker Halpern, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  31. African American Male Knowledge about Risk Factors for Infant Mortality and Adverse Birth Outcomes [Pilot Study]Lorenzo N. Hopper, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  32. Childhood Exposure to Infections and Exceptional LongevityLeonid A. Gavrilov, University of Chicago ; Natalia S. Gavrilova, University of Chicago

  33. Does Trade Reduce Infant Mortality? Evidence from Sub-Saharan AfricaPallavi Panda, University of California, Riverside

  34. Poverty, Race, and Birth Outcomes: An Ecologic Study in MarylandAndrew Williams, University of Maryland ; Sandra Hofferth, University of Maryland

  35. Understanding the Effects of Older Siblings on Institutional Delivery of Subsequent Births in India: An Application of Multivariate Multilevel ModelsPriyanka Dixit, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

  36. Maternal Death Review and Contextualization of Maternal Death in West BengalMd Illias Kanchan SK, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

  37. Men, Marriage, and Health: Using Longitudinal Data to Examine Selection BiasAngela Campbell, Pennsylvania State University

  38. Ethnic-Religious Differences in Child Survival in EgyptAmeed Saabneh, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  39. Global Estimation of Child Mortality Using a Bayesian B-Spline Bias-Reduction MethodLeontine Alkema, National University of Singapore ; Jin Rou New, National University of Singapore

  40. Mother’s Primary Education, Literacy Skills, and Infant Mortality in Sub-Saharan AfricaEmily Smith-Greenaway, Pennsylvania State University

  41. The Effects of Breastfeeding, Water and Sanitation on under-Five Mortality in UgandaBob Elwange, Kyambogo University ; Sunday Adedini, University of the Witwatersrand

  42. “I Consider Being Gay a Very High Risk Factor”: How a Partner’s Gay Identity and Level of Outness Impact Perceptions of Sexual Risk among Men Who Have Sex with MenCatherine Finneran, Emory University

  43. Social Relationships in Later Life: The Role of Childhood CircumstancesSarah Gibney, University College Dublin ; Mark E. McGovern, Harvard University

  44. Trends and Effects of Bio-Demographic and Maternal Characteristics on Neonatal Mortality in NigeriaJoshua O. Akinyemi, University of Ibadan ; Elijah Bamgboye, University of Ibadan ; Olusola Ayeni, University of Ibadan

  45. Cultural Context, Dimensions of Gender, and Women’s Self-Rated Health in IndiaSamuel Stroope, Louisiana State University

  46. Does Socio-Economic Status Modify the Association between Intimate Partner Violence and Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Infections among Married Indian Women?Amy K. Winter, Princeton University

  47. Do Prior Attitudes Matter for Mental Health after Teen Childbirth?Tanya Rouleau, Ohio State University

  48. Neonatal and Infant Mortality under Violent Conflicts in the Democratic Republic of the CongoElina Lindskog, Stockholm University

  49. Cohort Effects in the Influence of Adult Children's Education on Their Elderly Parents' Health in TaiwanChi-Tsun Chiu, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore

  50. Overcoming the Cost of Vaccination: Why Low Take-up and How to Improve It? Experiment in Northeastern NigeriaRyoko Sato, University of Michigan

  51. Sex Imbalances at Birth in Migratory Context in Western Europe: Evidence from ItalyElena Ambrosetti, Università di Roma "La Sapienza" ; Livia Ortensi, Università degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca ; Cinzia Castagnaro, Istituto Nazionale di Statistica (ISTAT) ; Marina Attili, Istituto Nazionale di Statistica (ISTAT)

  52. Infant Mortality in the Lutheran Population of Tartu (Estonia) at the End of 19th CenturyHannaliis Jaadla, Tallinn University

  53. Effects of Family Network on Mental Health among Latino Immigrants in the United StatesSun Y. Jeon, Utah State University

  54. Social Class, Social Roles, Perceived Stress, and Marital Expectations among Cohabiting Young AdultsAngelika Gulbis, Madison Area Technical College

  55. Changes in Mortality among Children under Five Years from 1996 to 2006 in Benin: The Role of Mother’s EducationFortuné Sossa, Université de Montréal ; Mira Johri, Université de Montréal

  56. Maternal Bed Rest and Infant HealthMelanie Guldi, University of Central Florida ; Christine Durrance, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  57. Impact of Foreign Aid on Maternal MortalityEmmanuel Banchani, Memorial University ; Liam Swiss, Memorial University of Newfoundland

  58. The Effect of Neighborhood Characteristics on the Health of Pregnant Women and InfantsVikesh Amin, Central Michigan University ; Aparna Lhila, University of Georgia

  59. Maternal Education and Child Mortality in Benin: Exploring the Context EffectsFortuné Sossa, Université de Montréal ; Mira Johri, Université de Montréal

  60. The "Lavender Lens?" A Cross-Cohort Comparison of Variations in Weight Perception by Sexual OrientationKyler Sherman-Wilkins, Pennsylvania State University

  61. A Longitudinal Examination of Cumulative Short Sleep and Body Mass throughout Adolescence and Early AdulthoodEric N. Reither, Utah State University ; Andrew E. Burger, Utah State University ; Lauren Hale, Stony Brook University, State University of New York (SUNY) ; Paul Peppard, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  62. Misconceived Equity or Policy Ineffectiveness? Health Care Resources, Community Poverty, and Child Health Disparities in PeruHeeju Shin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee ; Lissette Aliaga, University of Nebraska, Omaha ; Marcus Britton, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

  63. Black Male Health in the United States: Implications of Demographic HeterogeneityJuanita J. Chinn, Princeton University ; Andrea K. Henderson, University of Texas at Austin

  64. A Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Model for Under-Five Mortality Estimation from Biased DataChelsea Liddell, University of Washington ; Haidong Wang, University of Washington ; Christopher J. L. Murray, University of Washington ; Laura A. Dwyer-Lindgren, University of Washington ; Katherine Lofgren, University of Washington ; Alan D. Lopez, University of Queensland ; Marie Ng, University of Washington

  65. Immigrant Concentration, Acculturation, and Child Obesity RiskHiromi Ishizawa, George Washington University ; Antwan Jones, George Washington University

  66. Children’s Health and Development among Mexican-Origin Teen MothersSarah M. Kendig, Arkansas State University ; Kelly Purtell, University of Texas at Austin ; Adriana Umana-Taylor, Arizona State University

  67. It’s Complicated: Planning for Pregnancy in IndonesiaAmy Finnegan, Duke University

  68. The Stress Process among Foreign-Born Latinos: Examining the Roles of Migration-Related Stress and Family Relationships in Psychological DistressGeorgiana Bostean, Chapman University ; Flavia Andrade, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ; Edna A. Viruell-Fuentes, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  69. A Cohort Analysis about the Effect of Educational Attainment on Smoking Behaviors in ChinaTian Fu, Pennsylvania State University

  70. Mass Media and HIV/AIDS Stigma among Women in Urban and Rural Areas: Findings from the 2008/09 Kenya Demographic and Health SurveyBenta A. Abuya, African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) ; Elijah Onsomu, Winston-Salem State University ; DaKysha Moore, Johnson C. Smith University ; Irene Okech, Imbako Public Health

  71. SES and Obesity: Gender as Moderator and the Effects of MeasurementRebecca Benson, University of Texas at Austin

  72. State Chip Policies and Access to Health Care for Children of Mexican Immigrants: Reducing Disparities in Health Care Utilization among America’s ChildrenDeborah Roempke Graefe, Pennsylvania State University ; Stephanie Howe, Pennsylvania State University ; Gordon F. De Jong, Pennsylvania State University ; Chris Galvan, Pennsylvania State University

  73. Familial Susceptibility to Suicide, Death of Parents in Early Life, and Behavioral Health Disorders in Older Adulthood: F x E InteractionsMichael S. Hollingshaus, University of Utah

  74. STI/HIV Prevalence among Female Sex Workers (FSWs) and Treatment Seeking Behavior for STI in MaharashtraRagini Mishra, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

  75. The Massachusetts Health Reform and Children's Health: Can We Achieve Health and Health Care Equity among All Children?Rosa M. Avila, University of Washington ; Norma Coe, University of Washington

  76. Blame It on My ADD: The Implications of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder for Marital and Cohabiting Relationships in Young AdulthoodRhiannon A. Kroeger, University of Texas at Austin ; Debra J. Umberson, University of Texas at Austin