Thursday, May 1 / 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM   •   Boylston

Session 82:
Fertility Intentions: Measurement and Meaning

Discussant: Ilene S. Speizer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chair: John Santelli, Columbia University

  1. Pregnancy Intentions before and after Pregnancy: Do Young Women Change Their Minds?Jennifer S. Barber, University of Michigan ; Heather Gatny, University of Michigan

  2. Assimilation, Transnationalism, and the Fertility Behavior of Sub-Saharan African Migrants in France: Examining the Theories of Migrant FertilityPatience A. Afulani, University of California, Los Angeles

  3. When Do Fertility Expectations Predict Fertility?Heather M. Rackin, Louisiana State University ; Christine A. Bachrach, University of Maryland ; S. Philip Morgan, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  4. The Role of Men’s Childbearing Intentions in Their Paternal InvolvementLaura Lindberg, Guttmacher Institute ; Kathryn Kost, Guttmacher Institute

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