Thursday, May 1 / 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM   •   St. Botolph

Session 44:
Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health and Mortality

Discussant: Bridget J. Goosby, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Chair: Tyson Brown, Vanderbilt University

  1. Racial Differences in the Reciprocal Relationship between Heath and Socioeconomic Status across the Life CourseLiana J. Richardson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; Brandon Wagner, Princeton University

  2. Racial and Ethnic Differences in Retrospective Reports of Childhood HealthConnor Sheehan, University of Texas at Austin

  3. The U.S. Racial Health Divide: The Role of Differences in Chronic Disease OnsetTorsheika Maddox, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  4. Mechanisms of Racial Health Disparities in Inflammation and Blood Pressure: A Test of the Differential Stress Exposure and Differential Stress Vulnerability HypothesesUchechi Mitchell, University of California, Los Angeles ; Carol S. Aneshensel, University of California, Los Angeles

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