Thursday, May 1 / 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM   •   Clarendon/Dartmouth

Session 43:
Demography of Disasters I   

Chair: Mark VanLandingham, Tulane University
Discussant: Lori M. Hunter, University of Colorado at Boulder

  1. Demographic Signatures of Migration Systems: Population Recovery after Hurricanes Katrina and RitaJack DeWaard, University of Minnesota ; Katherine J. Curtis, University of Wisconsin-Madison ; Elizabeth Fussell, Washington State University

  2. The Migratory Pull of Natural Hazards: With Special Attention to Foreign-Born Latinos in the United StatesJames R. Elliott, University of Oregon ; Elizabeth Fussell, Washington State University

  3. Malnutrition in Early Life and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities in Adulthood: Evidence from the Chinese 1959-61 FamineCheng Huang, George Washington University

  4. Age and Well-Being after a DisasterElizabeth Frankenberg, Duke University ; Cecep S. Sumantri, SurveyMETER

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