Thursday, May 1 / 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM   •   Salons H-I

Session 3:
Education and Assimilation

Discussant: Julia Gelatt, Princeton University
Chair: Van C. Tran, Columbia University

  1. The Decade of Immigrant Dispersion and Growth: A Cohort Analysis of Children of Immigrants‘ Educational Experiences 1990-2002Stephanie Potochnick, University of Missouri, Columbia ; Margarita A. Mooney, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  2. Gender and Generational Status in Immigrants’ Educational Achievement: Evidence for Segmented Assimilation?Yue Qian, Ohio State University ; Claudia Buchmann, Ohio State University ; Zhe Zhang, Ohio State University

  3. The Ties That Bind: The Role of Teacher Relationships in the Adaptation of Minority and Immigrant AdolescentsHua-Yu Sebastian Cherng, University of Pennsylvania

  4. Mexican American Educational Stagnation: The Role of Family Structure ChangeRichard N. Turner, Brown University ; Brian C. Thiede, Cornell University

Other sessions on Migration and Urbanization