Saturday, May 3 / 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM   •   Vineyard

Session 185:
Socioeconomic Status, Inequality, and Child Well-Being

Discussant: Ariel Kalil, University of Chicago
Chair: Lenna Nepomnyaschy, Rutgers University
Discussant: Heather D. Hill, University of Chicago

  1. When Do Socioeconomic Resources Matter Most in Early Childhood?Stefanie F. Mollborn, University of Colorado at Boulder ; Elizabeth Lawrence, University of Colorado at Boulder ; Laurie James-Hawkins, University of Colorado at Boulder ; Paula Fomby, University of Michigan

  2. Where Are Gaps the Largest? A Look at within and across Group DifferencesLittisha A. Bates, University of Cincinnati

  3. Family Structure and Child Health, a Comparison of France and the U.K.Lidia Panico, Institut National d'Études Démographiques (INED)

  4. Inequality in Child Development across the Early School Years in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United StatesBruce Bradbury, University of New South Wales ; Miles Corak, Université d'Ottawa ; Jane Waldfogel, Columbia University ; Elizabeth Washbrook, University of Bristol

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