Friday, May 2 / 2:45 PM - 4:15 PM   •   Suffolk

Session 161:
Family Influences on Health and Mortality

Chair: Cassandra J. Dorius, Iowa State University
Discussant: Amelia Karraker, University of Michigan

  1. Do Married People Really Live Healthier?Dana Hamplova, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

  2. Propensity to Marry and Heterogeneity in the Health Benefits of MarriageDmitry Tumin, Ohio State University ; Hui Zheng, Ohio State University

  3. A Life Course Approach to the Relationship between Health Inequalities and Marital TrajectoriesMaja Djundeva, University of Groningen

  4. Life Expectancy Differentials by Marital Status, Individuals’ Own Education, and Spousal Education in the United StatesDustin C. Brown, University of Michigan

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