Overview of the Toolkit

Thomas M. McDevitt, U.S. Census Bureau

Population projections provide a foundation for a wide range of program planning and evaluation tasks at national, regional, and local government authority levels. The Census Bureau’s Subnational Projections Toolkit provides a number of tools for preparing cohort-component projections, several tools for non-cohort-component projection, and a User’s Guide explaining the tools. It differs from earlier presentations of subnational and local projection methods in two ways. First, the Toolkit comprises both methodological description and software tools. Second, the Toolkit explicitly links cohort-component and non-cohort-component tools as parts of a coordinated approach to subnational projection. Session presenters Johnson and McDevitt will discuss these software tools and the ways in which they work with the Census Bureau’s Rural-Urban Projections (RUP) and RUPAGG projection software. This presentation focuses on description of six of the Excel workbooks included in the Toolkit.

Presented in Session 7: The Census Bureau's Subnational Projections Toolkit