Trends in the Private Sector as a Source for Modern Contraception

Jorge I. Ugaz, Abt Associates
Jay Gribble, Futures Group International
Minki Chatterji, Abt Associates
Susan Mitchell, Abt Associates

As use of modern contraceptive methods around the world has grown, the role of the private sector—including NGOs, social marketing programs that work with private retail outlets, and commercial providers—has evolved in response to the needs of users. Using data from Demographic and Health Surveys conducted in 33 countries collected over 25 years, we examine global and regional trends related to method mix and source mix. In Latin America, use of modern methods has increased from 36 percent to 61 percent, as the private sector’s market share decreased from 56 percent to 44 percent. As contraceptive prevalence has increased in Asia from 41 percent to 51 percent, the private sector’s role has also increased (from 39 percent to 48 percent). Africa’s CPR has increased from 11 percent to 24 percent, but use of the private sector remains stagnant at 35 percent.

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Presented in Session 22: Strengthening Reproductive Health Programs in Developing Countries