Privatization of the Outskirts: The Trends of "Post-Suburbanization" in Jabodetabek (Jakarta Extended Metropolitan Region), Indonesia

Tommy Firman, Bandung Institute of Technology

The paper will discuss the extent to which the recent development of Jabodetabek (Jakarta Extended Metropolitan Area) has shown a 'Post-Suburbanization' phenomenon, broadly defined as a change in the structure of urban periphery, where some new areas are much more independent than the former suburbs, but they are not as multifunctional as the traditional city center (Borsdorf, 2004, p.13). There are several factors which might have contributed to the post-suburban development in Jabodetabek, including new town and industrial estate development in the fringe areas. The study finds out that Jabodetabek is in the early process of post-suburbanization, in which the urban spatial structure tends to form a patchwork structure, stimulated by the development of industrial activities in the peripheral areas.

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Presented in Session 159: Suburbanization, Exurbanization, and Rural Change