Sexuality and Partnership Formation in Adolescent with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria

Tolulope M. Ola, Ekiti State University
Abayomi Oshatimi, Federal Medical Centre, Ido-Ekiti
Olalekan Adeyemi, Sound Health Development Initiative
Oluwagemiga Oyinlola, Sound Health Development Initiative

Background Adolescent sexuality gets little or no attention especially for those with disabilities or living positively. Few studies have considered the sexuality and partnership formation in adolescents living positively. Main questions/Hypothesis What is the sexuality profile of adolescents living positively? What are their aspirations and needs in terms of their sexuality? What is the pattern of their partnership formation? Does their sexuality profile differ by gender? Methodology The study covered two purposively and randomly selected designated ART sites in Ekiti State, Nigeria. The data was obtained through qualitative and quantitative approaches. The study sample consisted of 538 respondents. Findings Majority reported that their sexuality is highly and constantly controlled first by treatment providers and by significant others. Sexual desires were suppressed due to their status, emotional pains and infecting others. Conclusion Instability in relationships and other health related causes may explain the sexuality profile in Adolescents Living with HIV.

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